Rem R.
El Segundo, CA

I was at the OB Farmer's Market on Halloween and came across Murphy at his stand selling absolutely amazing longboard skateboards.

Murphy is the definition of cool, relax and a person who is truly living the dream and the Beach lifestyle. I spoke with Murphy for a little bit and found out that he hand shapes each and every board himself. Murphy is a carpenter who used to build basically everything he could with wood and carried that skill into skateboards.

I am a longboard surfer these days and have what I consider a longboard skateboard in the trunk of my car that I do not ride as much as I like. I spent some time checking out each and every board Murphy was displaying at the Farmers Market and decided I could not justify buying right then & there but I was VERY tempted. My girlfriend dragged me away but I ended up finding my way back to his stand to speak to him some more and ask more questions about his shapes, designs, craftsmanship and history of the company. I can honestly say that I have not stopped thinking about these boards since bumping into Murphy and his works of art. The boards Murphy had were one of a kind, every shape, size & color. Murphy even had a dually skateboard with a double set of trucks on the back and a trailer hitch chrome ball attached to the rear=)

Murphy is a VERY cool dude and there is no question in my mind that I will soon be the proud owner of one of his boards very soon. I would be proud to be skating down the strand in Hermosa Beach or from South Mission Beach to the Wave House on one of these masterpieces. When I was not riding the board I could honestly see myself hanging this skateboard on the wall as a work of art on display that is how amazing these boards.

If you are looking for gift for that special someone who is like me an outdoors type of dude who loves to skate and loves to surf reading this review might be exactly what the Doctor ordered. As I write this review I cannot wait until I bump into Murphy again and pick one of these up for myself.

To Murphy thank you for Being the Good and living the life=)


1648 N. Magnolia Ave. #102
El Cajon, CA 92020

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