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is street skateboarding at its finest. Made from the finest materials. Each board is hand shaped and painted right here in the U.S.A. Be the envy of all your friends on the boardwalk. Hell, take an eight footer for a ride and take your friends with you. Great for runs to the store or favorite watering hole. Bigger is better, especially when your going for the long haul. Browse the “BOARDS” section and see the many designs to choose from. If you don’t see a board you like, email me for a quote. I’ll make you a board to your specifications.
Call (619) 415-7729

Thank you and Happy Skating!


New! Blue Murphy Now Sells Kahuna Sticks! (Limited Supply)

The Land Paddle™ was invented by Kahuna Creations and called the Kahuna Stick. It'll give you an epic upper-body workout and the sweetest ride on a longboard.

The Adjustable Kahuna Stick comes with an adjustable black aluminum shaft, the exclusive soft-grip handle, and the new Kahuna Blade II.

The state-of-the-art Kahuna Blade II grips the road 50% better with its improved shape and softer grip.  The new thermoplastic elastomer will give you the the ultimate in performance and wear. 
Adjusts from 4'6" to 6'.

  New! Blue Murphy Hand Planes and Skateboards!

Each hand plane has a unique design. Made from the finest hardwoods. Blue Murphy flight tests each board.

Why take your surfboard on vacation when you can throw one of these fine hand planes in your suitcase! No extra baggage fees!

Check out the video below of some great body planing at the 2009 Redwings Point Panic Bodysurfing World Championship. It doesn't get much better than this!


Redwings Bodysurfing

The 2009 Redwings Point Panic Bodysurfing World Championship. A random collection of waves ridden by numerous hybrid watermen. Most of the riders featured in this clip are extraordinary bodyboarders as well. Point Panic went off for the competition. Many of the competitors were claiming these 2 days to be the best conditions Point Panic has ever seen for the competition in it's 12+ year history. Sit back and enjoy as the video speaks for the riders and itself.

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